How to Defeat an Elite on Halo Combat Evolved Legendary Difficulty?

Answer Elites are very difficult to defeat on legendary difficulty on Halo. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat them easily.

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How to Defeat a Halo 2 Jackal Sniper on Legendary?

They're annoying. They have a low profile, they are far away, but when they fire, they usually kill you. They are the ultimate snipers. But they can be defeated.

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How to Become a Master Banshee Pilot in Halo Combat Evolved?

Most guys call Banshee pilots as noobs, but don't worry; some people even call the so called "pro" snipers noobs. They call the word "noob" because they are afraid of you. Afraid of what you are ca... Read More »

How to Defeat Your Opponent in Combat?

Stuck in a gun fight? Produce your pistol and read on.