How to Defeat Necrophobia?

Answer Necrophobia is a surprisingly common phobia. Most people can't realize the meaning and the gravity of death, and it's why some are afraid of death. It something unknown. We don't know what's happen... Read More »

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How to Defeat BFR on "FaceBreaker" for the PS3?

"FaceBreaker Brawl For It All" is an arcade-style, fighting game available for play on the Sony PlayStation 3. The final boss in "FaceBreaker" is the BFR. The BFR is a large robot capable of firin... Read More »

How to Defeat Xenophobia?

Xenophobia is the fear of strangers. People who look different, speak a different language or have different customs can appear frightening to those who are used to only one ethnic group, lifestyle... Read More »

How do you defeat Cleverbot?

Cleverbot isn't very clever at all:User: What are fog horns made out of?Cleverbot: I am made of flesh, bones and skin.User: You are not a fog horn.Cleverbot: I am not a man.User: How long is a foot... Read More »

How Do I Defeat a Big Daddy?

Equip the crossbow and trap bolts. Watch where the Big Daddy in "Bioshock" patrols and fire between five and seven bolts around the area. These bolts will damage the Big Daddy as it chases you.Sear... Read More »