How to Defeat Miss Petunia in Luigi's Mansion?

Answer Miss Petunia is an obese ghost that resides in one of the bathrooms in Luigi's Mansion. To find out how to defeat this grotesque ghost, read on.

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How to Defeat Melody in Luigi's Mansion?

Melody Pianissima, a piano player, is a ghost in Luigi's Mansion. She can be a little tricky at times, but she is actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Read the rest of this article t... Read More »

How to Defeat Mr. Luggs in Luigi's Mansion?

Mr. Luggs, a fat glutton, is an optional ghost in Luigi's Mansion. You do not have to defeat Mr. Luggs, although if you want more cash and want to beat the game 100%, it is suggested you defeat him... Read More »

How to Defeat Nana in Luigi's Mansion?

Nana is an old grandma in Luigi's Mansion. She loves to knit and has knitted a scarf that reaches 871 feet! To find out the tactics on defeating her, read on.

How to Defeat Neville in Luigi's Mansion?

Neville is a bookworm in Luigi's Mansion. He is the first ghost you encounter. To find out how to defeat him, read on!