How to Defeat Bowser in Paper Mario?

Answer Even with 55 HP and FP, you still can't defeat Bowser? Well, he definitely is the hardest boss in the game. But he is very easy if you follow these steps.

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How to Defeat Bowser in New Super Mario Bros?

New Super Mario Bros.Bowser is the final boss in the DS game New Super Mario Bros. He can be challenging to defeat, so follow these steps!

How to Defeat General Guy in Paper Mario?

You're halfway done, but you can't beat this pitiful boss. Do not worry! This guide is to help you!

How to Defeat Hooktail in Paper Mario 2?

The first boss of Paper Mario 2 isn't really that hard if you actually know what to do. Take a look at this guide for some tips.

How to Defeat Kent C. Koopa in Paper Mario?

The Koopas can't get any trade with Kent C. Koopa causing trouble. Should you pay? But if you fight, you can lose easily. This guide will give you hope.