How to Defeat Bowser in New Super Mario Bros?

Answer New Super Mario Bros.Bowser is the final boss in the DS game New Super Mario Bros. He can be challenging to defeat, so follow these steps!

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How to Beat Bowser in New Super Mario Bros. DS?

At the end of New Super Mario Bros., there is the final castle. It is very complicated, and at the end, you have to face both koopas at the same time.

How to Defeat Bowser in Paper Mario?

Even with 55 HP and FP, you still can't defeat Bowser? Well, he definitely is the hardest boss in the game. But he is very easy if you follow these steps.

How to Play As Bowser in Super Smash Bros. Melee?

Bowser may be frowned upon by many smashers, but he is fun to play and offers a different experience than when playing with the other characters.

How to Defeat Birdo in "Mario Bros. 2"?

The classic game "Super Mario Bros. 2" lets you take control of Mario, Luigi, Toad or Princess Peach to traverse various themed worlds, from desert to ice to sky. This title, first released on the ... Read More »