How to Defeat Blackthorn City Gym in the "Pokemon Crystal" Game?

Answer The Blackthorn City Level takes place about three-quarters of the way into the game "Pokemon Crystal," and, being a later stage, is a bit more difficult to master. While the level itself is short,... Read More »

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How to Defeat Crystal King in Paper Mario?

Crystal KingCrystal King is a character from Paper Mario. In the video game version, he holds the 7th and final Star Spirit. But he is extremely hard to defeat without reading this!

How to Duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

You can duplicate not only Pokemon in Crystal but also Items or Pokeballs. Here are the steps.

How to Defeat Ghetsis in Pokemon Black?

Do you want to defeat the oh-so-powerful Pokemon trainer Ghetsis in Pokemon Black (or White)?

How to Get the Egg Pokemon You Want on Crystal?

In Pokemon Crystal, do the Daycare people give you the odd egg and it rarely hatches into a Pokemon you want? Well, here is something that usually works.