How to Deepen the Bass With Tom-Tom Drums?

Answer Once you've recorded a song, the next step is to mix. Mixing balances the various audio components so that each is sufficiently audible. The process also involves enhancing the various frequencies ... Read More »

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Does Rock Band come with a guitar, bass, drums& microphone?

The original Rock Band video music game comes with a guitar, bass, drums and microphone. Rock Band 3 allows you to add other instruments to the mix, such as a keyboard peripheral and extra vocals t... Read More »

How big are bass drums?

While bass drums can be made in several sizes, they are most commonly 22 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep. The next most common size is 20 by 16 inches. Other drums in a drum kit are significa... Read More »

How to Add Bass and Drums to a Song?

Writing music is a joyful experience, and writing a song with chords and words is a way to do it, but sometimes you might find yourself missing that punch and drive a good rhythm section gives. Lea... Read More »

Who invented the bass drums?

The modern bass drum has its roots in a drum that came from Turkey in the 1300's. It was known as the Turkish drum until the 1800's. Drums are among humanity's oldest instruments and can be seen in... Read More »