How to Decrease Your Alcohol Consumption?

Answer Partying the night away or social drinking...they can both lead to too much drinking. Read this article to learn how to decrease the amount of alcohol you drink.

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How to Decrease Fatigue by Increasing Protein Consumption?

Insufficient protein and caloric intake causes fatigue. This article is for those people who avoid "protein" for different reasons: they think that their level of activity does not require protein,... Read More »

Is there a way your liver can brace itself before a week of heavy alcohol consumption?

Milk Thistle is good for the liver.Drink lots of water (a rule of thumb - at least 1oz water per 2 pounds of body weight)Avoid fried foods, sugary desserts, salt, beef, but for a more comprehensive... Read More »

What are the bad effects of alcohol consumption?

There are no bad effects from alcohol consumption. Conversely, alcohol consumption helps make a person healthier. You should consider a better phrased question and as a tutorial I leave one for you... Read More »

Consumption of alcohol after chicken pox?

Hello there! I think it will not harm your father anymore since it is already healed.