How to Decrease Anxiety and Depression?

Answer Anxiety and depression come hand and hand, so chances are if you have anxiety, you have depression, as well as the other way around. This article will give you some advice and tips to help not comp... Read More »

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What natural herbs will decrease depression?

Some herbs have shown promise when used to treat depression. Certain herbs have the ability to improve mood and enhance energy levels, while others help decrease depression by treating related symp... Read More »

How do you test for depression and anxiety?

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders often are incorrectly diagnosed or ignored by those who suffer from the symptoms. Many tests recently have started appearing on the Int... Read More »

How to Fight Anxiety and Depression?

Millions of people across the world suffer from anxiety and depression. Many people feel that prescription medications simply are not effective. I was one of those individuals. After years of feeli... Read More »

Academic Anxiety & Depression?

Universities are places of great opportunity but also potential stress. Many students are learning to live independently from their families, and at the same time, they are setting out on a challe... Read More »