How to Decorate to Achieve Mood?

Answer You have a "place of your own". Maybe it's your house, maybe it's your room, but it is all yours and you want it to be 'right'. Well, hopefully, this wiki will help you reach that.

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How to Remember the Consequences of Mood Using the MOOD Acronym?

The kind of mood you're in can have many consequences. They not only change due to some recent happening but could be the result of some past event too. They have, as such, the capacity to alter ou... Read More »

How to Put Yourself in a Better Mood?

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How can i achieve this look?

I'd download GIMP. It's just like Photoshop except for the fact that it's free. She obviously didn't take a picture and have it end up looking like that without editing...She used a Sunburst brush ... Read More »

How to Lighten the Mood?

How to "Lighten the mood." Its very easy. First after a couple of dates make sure you know what she/he is into. Do what they're into. Sometimes Jokes can help lighten the mood.