How to Decorate a Room for Boy & Girl Twins?

Answer Whether you're getting the nursery ready for your twins' arrival or need to decorate a room for older boy-girl twins, creating a space where both your children will be comfortable is easier than yo... Read More »

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If a girl slept with two identical twins and got pregnant, would both twins...?

I Think the Careful Analysis of the DNA (Germline), Would Reveal Some Difference. E. g., the Incorporation, of Viral DNA.

Can a boy and girl be identical twins?

Identical twins are always of the same sex. This is because identical twins are monozygotic, in other words, formed from a single fertilized egg that split into two embryos. Non-identical twins are... Read More »

Gifts for Boy/Girl Twins?

According to "The Art of Parenting Twins," in 2010, the number of twin births has increased by 50 percent since 1975, meaning that it is more and more likely you will be invited to a twin's party a... Read More »

What are boy&girl twins called?

Boy and girl twins are called fraternal twins, although fraternal twins can be both boys or both girls too. Fraternal twins come from separate eggs and sperm meeting and growing in the womb. Frater... Read More »