How to Decorate a Neighbor's Front Lawn With Toilet Paper?

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Why do Muslims wash their bum with water after using the toilet and non-muslims use toilet paper?

peace be upon youwhat is your opinion , what is better , cleaner , healthier?Islam want peole clean and healthy.

How to Decorate Toilet Seat Covers with Wall Borders?

Wall borders can be used to decorate a wide variety of surfaces. Not only can the borders be used on walls but you can cut out designs on the border to use as a decorative motif on many small items... Read More »

I sometimes lay on my neighbors lawn...?

hmm maybe you should bury yourself in your neigbors lawn a little since carrots are root vegetables. laying down on the lawn isnt going to fool anyone!

How early can I cut my lawn on Sunday morning and not be rude to the neighbors?