How to Decorate a Girl Scout Float?

Answer Girl Scouts have been around since the early 20th century, performing community service and learning how to become independent women. Scouts often decorate floats for parades on occasions such as M... Read More »

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Scout Parade Float Ideas?

Creating a parade float is one way for scouting troops to display their pride. The possibilities are limitless, so encourage your scouts to brainstorm ideas at the next meeting. After you've decide... Read More »

What percentage of Girl Scout Cookie revenue ends up in the hands of the girl scouts?

This is what I remember from the "cookie crumbles" handout we got last year (these are rounded to the nearest even cent).$.80 - baker$.60 - individual troop.$. 20 (ish) - patches, stuffed animals, ... Read More »

How to Deal With a Girl from Another Girl Scout Troop While in Camping?

You know there's always drama everywhere, in also girl scouts. If you want to say something to that girl to make her stop then this is the right article to read!

How to Decorate a 10 X 30 Foot Mardi Gras Float?

Making a 10 foot by 30 foot Mardi Gras parade float is a large project, but with several people helping, the project is much easier and takes less time to complete. The most important part of float... Read More »