How to Decorate a Desk Lamp With Jelly Bracelets?

Answer Lamp decorated with jelly bracelets!Add together a boring desk lamp and your collection of multi-colored jelly bracelets, and you can upgrade your desk lamp into a funky new style.Jelly bracelets a... Read More »

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What do each of those colored jelly bracelets mean?

Supposedly they mean that you are willing to perform different sexual acts. However, this is not why 90% of the people wear them, and the other 10% do just because they think it's funny.

What are the meanings behind jelly bracelets?

Jelly bracelets or "Snap" bracelets are a trend sex game that young teens play. Snapper means the individual who snapped a colored bracelet. Breaking or "snapping" a colored bracelet means that the... Read More »

What do the colors of jelly bracelets mean?

For many youth, the colors of jelly bracelets imply sexual or flirting-related acts the wearer agrees to when playing a game known as "snap." Depending on the bracelet's color, these acts may invol... Read More »

How to Buy a Desk Lamp?

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