How to Decorate a Camp Bunk Bed?

Answer Ever felt that once you're at overnight camp, you start getting bored of your plain, old, boring bunk bed? Stop that feeling by reading on!

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How to Make a Cozy Bunk Bed for Overnight Camp?

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How to Decorate Your Camp Cabin?

Some camps like to give out awards at the end, one of which is the best decorated cabin award. Do you have what it takes to win? Find out with these helpful tips.

My 15 year old daughter came home from summer camp and I saw in her diary that she had sex with a boy at camp 5 times and now I think she's pregnant what should I do please I need an answer?

Answer: that's something youd wanna ask a professional, like a sex ed counsler or something. i don't have the answer sorry i hope it works out for the best Answer: I believe you should talk to her... Read More »

Does everyone think the Clara Barton camp is the best diabetes camp in US, or just the people in Massachusetts?

My daughter went there for several years and we participated in several family events.It's a great place.Kids do come from far away to get there.It is only about 2 hour from my home.