How to Decorate Your Water Bottle?

Answer If your water bottle bland out of date and boring just follow these instructions and have a great sense of style that will have everyone envying you on your daily jog or at your gym.

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Ideas to Decorate a Water Bottle?

Decorate your water bottle to make it distinctive from other people's bottle and to create a personal style statement. You can decorate your water bottles with stickers, paint and paper cutouts. If... Read More »

Can you use a hot water bottle if your diabetic?

The only problem I can see is if you have diabetic neuorphathy bad and have no feeling in the skin where you need to use the hot water bottle. Then it would be possible to have your skin get too h... Read More »

Do you have a hot water bottle in your bed?

Yes on occasion when its real cold out, it keeps our feet warm until the bed warms up

How to Choose a Water Bottle For Your Pet?

Do you have a small pet that you need to buy a water bottle for? There are options and cautions to consider.