How to Decorate Your Toenails?

Answer This simple explanation will help you paint the best toenails. Just follow the instructions.

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How to Decorate Toenails?

Your toenails deserve a little pampering just as much as your fingernails do. After a quick cleaning and some trimming, you can decorate you toenails until they're so eye-catching, you'll hate wear... Read More »

How to Clip Your Toenails So You Don't Get Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails are a fairly common and treatable medical condition that happens when the edge grows into the surrounding skin. The two top causes are wearing shoes that don't fit and improper nai... Read More »

If you bite your toenails, will a foot grow in your stomache?

ooooooooooooook....... 0_o is this some kinda joke? uh no and if u eat a watermelon seed there wont be any watermelons growing in your stomach either

What are your fav colors to paint your nails and toenails?

Pink, there's lots of different shades too