How to Decorate Your Club Penguin Stamp Book?

Answer If you're a member and your stamp book looks boring, then here's an article to give you some ideas!

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How to Get the 10 and 30 Penguin Igloo Party Stamp on Club Penguin?

These stamps are easy enough to get. Follow this guide and you will have both the stamps. This guide might help you.

How to Get the Great Balance Stamp on Club Penguin?

The Great Balance stamp on Club Penguin is awarded in the Cart Surfer mini-game.

How to Get the Blue Book on Club Penguin?

Looking for something to read on Club Penguin? Well, here is your chance!

How to Get to the Treasure Book in Club Penguin?

The Treasure Book is a secret catalog in Club Penguin. Here's how to get items from it.