How to Decorate Your Bedroom Walls when You Are Not Allowed to Paint?

Answer Nope? Ok then!Want to decorate your room, but not allowed to use paint? Here is how to!

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How to Decorate the Walls in Your Bedroom?

Are you stuck on how to decorate your bedroom walls? No worry, because here are some ideas of what you could do at low cost.

What color should you use to decorate your bedroom with lavender colored walls?

If you paint the walls of a bedroom, do you also paint the inside of the closet?

Whatever floats your boat. It's all to your own taste, and what you like the look of. There is really no hidden rule here.

How to Paint Your Bedroom Walls Without Asking Your Mum?

Painting your bedroom walls without your mother's permission is a very easy and fun thing to do, but you need to be aware of the consequences. You may get yelled at or get grounded, maybe nothing w... Read More »