How to Decorate Your Badminton Racquet?

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How to Tie My Racquet Strings?

Rackets are strung with either one long piece of string or with two pieces. Two double half-hitch knots are commonly used to end a one-piece stringing pattern or, in the case of a two-piece stringi... Read More »

How to Select a Tennis Racquet?

Select a tennis racquet based on skill level and needs.Buying a tennis racquet can be a big investment that you don't want to make the wrong decision on. Consider all the factors and choose the bes... Read More »

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet?

A good tennis racquet makes a big difference.Whether you're a beginner or hoping to be the next tennis champion, buying a tennis racquet can be a huge investment, and selecting the right one can ma... Read More »

How to String a Tennis Racquet?

Tennis racquets are built to withstand intense activity on the court. They absorb sunshine, sweat, water and the force of tennis balls traveling at very high speeds. The strings are the most import... Read More »