How to Decorate With a Zebra Rug?

Answer Some animal-print rugs display the dancing stripes of a zebra. The home decorating accessory adds a natural feel to any room designed to match it. This rug style looks appealing with several wall p... Read More »

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How to Decorate a Lampshade With Zebra Print?

If you are looking for a way to add texture and visual interest to a room's décor, consider incorporating animal prints into your decorative accessories. Lampshades are the perfect way to set the ... Read More »

How to Decorate a Zebra Room?

If you love zebra print, read this article to tell you how to make the perfect zebra room!

How to Care for Zebra Danios/Zebra Fish?

Danios are interesting fish and very easy to care for even for the novice aquarist. This article will show you how to care for these hardy, yet beautiful fish.

Can you breed a zebra with a horse?

It is possible to breed zebras with horses. When this happens, the result is an animal called a "zorse." They are stronger than horses but are normally no larger than an average horse or pony.Refer... Read More »