How to Decorate Scagliola Marble?

Answer Scagliola marble is a beautiful faux material that simulates the appearance and texture of true marble. By combining splintered colored materials with plaster and pigments, artisans create a marble... Read More »

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What Is a Mib Marble?

The first playing marbles were from marble or stone used for a game developed by the Dutch. Companies making playing marbles used clay, china, crockery and glass for much of the production from the... Read More »

How to Cut Marble?

Marble works well for counters and sinks, as well as tiling for floors and walls. Specialty saws, such as bridge or gang saws, are needed to cut very large slabs of marble. This article will tell y... Read More »

How do i cut marble?

grinder and stone cutting wheelregards x kitti x

How to Keep a Marble As a Pet?

Some people may keep a pet rock as a pet, but have you ever thought about a pet marble?