How to Decorate Goose Gourds?

Answer Goose gourds have a natural shape that looks like a goose with a graceful, elongated neck that ends with a pointed beak. Paint a goose gourd to look like an actual goose, with painted flowers, leav... Read More »

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Are snow goose decoys helpful when hunting a goose in Canada?

Goose hunting is very popular with hunters and sportsman, especially in Canada. Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta are famous for their abundance of Canada goose hunting opportunities. Realistic go... Read More »

How to Dry Gourds?

People have dried gourds for thousands of years to make tools, vessels, utensils, instruments and numerous types of arts and crafts. There are several different ways to dry gourds, each of them equ... Read More »

How to Dry Gourds for Decorating?

Gourds are members of the plant family Cucurbitaceae, which also includes watermelons, cucumber, and pumpkins. Specifically, the term is used to describe the hard-rinded fruits of 2 particular gene... Read More »

How to Grow Gourds?

Instead of buying them at a store, you can learn how to grow gourds in your home garden. Gourds are large plants that grow on a vine and are related to cucumbers and squash. You must give the gourd... Read More »