How to Decode a Motorcycle VIN?

Answer Every motor vehicle manufactured since 1981 has a 17 digit vehicle identification number (VIN) that provides information about the vehicle. The first three digits contain codes for the country, man... Read More »

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How to Decode the VIN on a Suzuki Motorcycle?

Each of the 17 digits of a Suzuki vehicle identification (VIN) number has a specific meaning. The first three digits identify the manufacturing country and company. The next five digits identify th... Read More »

How to decode motorcycle VIN numbers?

The first digit denotes where the motorcycle was produced (example: J for Japan) The eigth digit represents whether the bike will receive a green or a red sticker( the letter "c" or the number "3" ... Read More »

How to decode a honda motorcycle vin ?

look in a manual, go to dealer...................

How to Decode Motorcycle VIN Information?

Find your motorcycle's VIN. The VIN can be divided into three sections of characters and one check digit. The purpose of the check digit is to ensure that all motorcycles have unique VINs. Using as... Read More »