How to Decipher the Date Codes on Natural Ice Beer?

Answer Natural "Natty" Ice is a beer under the brand Natural, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch. Because Natural is part of the Busch family it carries the same date code as other Busch beers. Even though ... Read More »

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How is natural ice beer brewed?

For those who drink beer on a regular basis, natural ice beer is a popular beer choice that offers a cool, crisp, refreshing taste. Brewing natural ice beer means doing a few things differently thr... Read More »

How to Choose Natural Beer?

A natural beer.Beer has been brewed for thousands of years and can be an absolutely natural, minimally-processed fermented beverage. However, modern beer is commonly made with artificial and highly... Read More »

Poll: Do you pay attention to the born on date with beer?

Definitely. If there is a "born on date", I look for another brand of beer. A good beer will mature and get better for at least a year, longer for the high-ABV beers.