How to Decide to Buy a Prepaid Cell Phone?

Answer So you're thinking about buying a prepaid cell phone, but you're stuck for choice? In this article, we'll help you decide on which phone you'd want for your needs.

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How to Buy a Prepaid Phone Card to Save International Cell Phone Calls?

Want to learn how to save up to 95% on international phone calls being placed from your handy-dandy, convenience-laden cell phone? If you answered yes and read this article, you will know exactly h... Read More »

Can a prepaid cell phone be tracked?

Many prepaid cell phones can be tracked via GPS, but this feature can be turned off on the phone. Currently, the name of the owner of a prepaid cell phone cannot be tracked as there are no forms or... Read More »

Can I use this cell phone on prepaid?

Your phone is a cdma phone so I don't think so. I don't think cdma phones are unlockable.

Can you trace a prepaid cell phone?

The average person cannot trace a prepaid cell phone; however, the federal government and police force do have this capability. While they cannot determine a person's exact location, they can find ... Read More »