How to Decide on Your Dream London Property?

Answer Buying a home can be daunting, as the process can appear to be time consuming and complicated. The London home seeker has a wealth of property types to choose from, their choice dependent on their ... Read More »

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How to Rent a Property in London?

A huge number of people move to London every year to work and study, and finding a place to stay in such a big and bustling city can be a daunting prospect. This helpful guide will ease you through... Read More »

How did you decide that it was better to continue renting or start investing in property?

mostly randomlyhowever, I did learn some thingsIf you are gonna stay somewhere for 5 years or more, and the mortgage payment is equal to your current rent, then do it.Also, buying land is ALWAYS (w... Read More »

Is a property owner liable to others if there is fire on the owned property and the automatic sprinklers activate and cause water damage to the property of others?

It depends on how the lease is written. You may be liable if the damage was done as a result of actions caused by the landlord, and as such the landlord is responsible for the sprinkler system. How... Read More »

How to Get a Lot of Dream Points in Pokemon Dream World?

Dream World is a feature introduced in the Generation V Pokemon games, Pokemon Black and White (and their sequels). It allows players to enter a global dream world online for an hour at a time, eve... Read More »