How to Decide if a Brake Is Necessary on Your Fixed Gear Bike?

Answer As some of you riders know, there’s a big to do going on about riding fixed gears without brakes. And there are people on both sides of the fence with valid arguments. But when you boil down the ... Read More »

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How to Ride a Fixed Gear Bike?

Fixed gear bikes are one speed bikes with no freewheel - if the bike is moving the pedals are turning. They are hugely popular with bike messengers due to their simplicity, unbreakability and unste... Read More »

How to Make a Fixed Gear Out of Regular Bike?

Most stock bicycles have a gear cluster, or cassette, that contains between five and seven gears. This cassette has a ratcheting system that allows it to spin freely when the bike and rider are coa... Read More »

How to Convert a Fixed Gear Bike to Variable Speed?

Before you convert your fixed gear bike into a variable speed bike, you need to check two important features. First, the frame must be wide enough to accommodate a wider hub and the additional gear... Read More »

What is a fixed landing gear on an airplane?

Landing gear are wheels below the fuselage that allow an airplane to land and take off. With fixed landing gear, the plane does not retract the wheels during flight. This results in significant dra... Read More »