How to Decide if You're a Democrat?

Answer The Democratic Party is a mainly liberal party with many different ideas and beliefs, including the right to abortion, universal health care, and that taxes are necessary. This article will help an... Read More »

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If iam the power of attorney for my mother in law that is in the nursing home do i have the right to decide what happens to her older house for example decide who could live in it?

If you have a 10% blood alcohol content level, there'll be no need to charge you - you'll be dead. .08% is a DUI under federal law. States, however, are free to impose stricter laws than that, and... Read More »

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How to Be a Democrat?

No one can teach a person "how to be a Democrat." There is no set of rules for supporting one certain political party over another. In fact, many people who consider themselves Democrat may have le... Read More »

Can you get diabetes when youre 21?

Yes---b/c there are 2 types, Type 1 (the type that is genetic) and Type 2 (the kind ppl get from being overweight).So, if you are normal weight, you could have Type 1. If you are overweight, you m... Read More »