How to Decide if Your Crush Is Worth It?

Answer We have all experienced that feeling of having a crush on someone, especially in our teenage years. And we have all experienced the heartbreak of having them reject you - at least, if you haven't, ... Read More »

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How does insurance decide how much your car is worth if totaled?

%DETAILS% Answer Insurers use the "Blue Book" value, and factor in mileage and any previous damage, etc. Just as if it were a "trade in".

How to Decide Whether It's Worth Spending Your Time Doing Something?

At times, certain activities may seem tedious, boring or not worth your time. Make a better decision by following these suggestions:

How to Decide if Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Is Worth Buying?

Some people say Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is the most explosive DBZ game ever. But that is not true neither it is false as new games about the hit Dragonball series got released such as Raging Blast 2, w... Read More »

How to Decide if Online Degrees Are Worth the Time and Money?

Online education isn't for everyone. It takes both a significant amount of money and time in order to complete a degree and graduate. Once you graduate, there is no guarantee that the degree will g... Read More »