How to Decide if You Should You Buy Your Child a Cell Phone?

Answer In this day and age, when technological gadgets like computers and cell phone rule in most people’s lives, we also see children and teenagers wanting to jump into the bandwagon. Buying your child... Read More »

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I can't decide between a smartphone and a basic cell phone. Cost is an issue, but I feel I should be...?

Get what you really need. If cost is an issue, get the basic. If you can use a computer, don't worry about technology. Smart phones are a phone,camera & computer built in.

What is a good age to get your child a mobile phone/cell phone?

I think that's a good age as she will also be going shopping with her friends without an adult now so I think you should give her a phone, even if it's just a basic one or an old one you used to ha... Read More »

How to Decide Whether to Call Someone's Home Phone or Cell Phone?

Can't decide whether to call someone's home phone or cell? This article about to tell you how.

How to Select a Cell Phone for Your Child?

Does your kid really want a cell phone and you don't know what to say? If so, read on.