How to Decide if You Are Attracted to Someone?

Answer Sometimes, we want to be attracted to someone. While it's often a bad idea to force an attraction, sometimes giving someone a chance can be the beginning of a meaningful relationship.

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How to See If Your Man Is Still Attracted to You?

The original spark, romance or sexual attraction might appear to fade or decrease over time in a long-term, monogamous relationship, particularly when compared to the excitement of the beginning of... Read More »

How to Say Hello to Somebody You Are Attracted To?

Saying hello to somebody new isn't always easy. This page will help you to get from seeing a nice looking person on the street to having a potential relationship

How to Let a Man Know That You Are Attracted to Him?

Intimate relationships can be very awkward and stressful for many people, especially in the early stages. One person will frequently develop stronger feelings than the other and it can be difficult... Read More »