How to Decide Whether to Use an HDMI or DVI Input?

Answer High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and digital visual interface (DVI) are two common video interfaces used to connect electronic devices such as computers, DVD players, Blu-ray players, an... Read More »

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What is a HDMI input?

High Definition Multimedia Interface is the common connection for High-Definition video and audio from such sources as Blu-Ray players, Media Players, Gaming Consoles and Digital Cable and Satellit... Read More »

How to add subtitles to a HDMI Input?

you enable subtitles on the source (DVD player, set-top box, etc.)

Where is the HDMI input on the Xbox?

The HDMI input to connect your Xbox 360 to a high-definition television is on the back of the console near the removable hard drive. Look next to the Ethernet port (which looks like a very large ph... Read More »

Can the HDMI port on my computer be used as an input?

Short answer no you cannot use it that way. HDMI input is very hard to find on laptops and right now the only ones i know that offer that are alienware i'm sure there must be more but I have yet to... Read More »