How to Decide Whether to Call Someone's Home Phone or Cell Phone?

Answer Can't decide whether to call someone's home phone or cell? This article about to tell you how.

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How to Decide Whether to Ignore a Phone Call?

Do you have a hard time deciding if you should ignore a phone call or not? Or do you just need to decide whether you should decide that certain person's phone call? Well, either way, read on to fin... Read More »

Can you block someones number from your cell phone so that they cant call you and if so how do u do it?

yes there is a way here is what you dogo to menu then go to settings&toolsclick on system then look for security then click on restrict calls and then go from there or if your still not sure and s... Read More »

How do you call from a Japanese cell phone to a US cell phone?

You need the Code of Japan and a calling card. Follow the instructions over the phone.

How Do You Tap Someones Cell Phone?

For that you would need the exact frequency that phone works on & the network. You would also need very specialized radio gear for the interception of RX/TX from that specific phone. There's ways t... Read More »