How to Decide When to Visit Chicago?

Answer The third-largest city in the United States is also a popular travel destination. Chicago attracted 39.5 million domestic and international visitors in 2009. People visit Chicago for a variety of r... Read More »

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At what age can a child decide not to visit the non-custodial parent in the UK?

Though not specifically applicable to the UK, the arguments in this regard are important. See link

At what age in KY can a child decide not to visit non-custodial parent?

Why visit Chicago?

Chicago, Illinois, is the third largest city in the United States, and one of the most frequented vacation spots for both families and world travelers. The best time to visit Chicago is during the ... Read More »

If you have sole custody of your 14-year-old daughter when can she decide not to visit her father?

Answer If you have sole custody then there is a reason the courts granted you this. This means your daughter's father does not ever have to see him again and there is not much he can do about it. I... Read More »