How to Decide When to Sell a Stock?

Answer Many investors are unable to sell a stock; either they 'fall in love' with an investment, or are unwilling to admit a failed investment. Sell decisions should be made at the time of an investment.

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How to Decide if You Should Sell Your Home Without an Agent?

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How to Know When to Sell a Stock?

Knowing when to sell a stock or equity is one of the hardest things about trading. Many traders understand picking up a stock for a bargain, when the price is low, for example, after a pullback or ... Read More »

When should you sell&buy stock?

Stock represents the ownership of a certain percentage or share of a company. You can only buy stock in a company that is publicly held, meaning all members of the public have the ability to purcha... Read More »

Can you buy&sell a stock the same day?

You can buy and sell stock the same day; this process is called day trading. However, you cannot do so more than four times in a five-day period, unless you have $25,000 in a margin account and you... Read More »