How to Decide What to Podcast About?

Answer Podcast is the true democratization of the internet; it allows anyone, anywhere, to communicate with people all over the world. Podcasts can be hosted with one person, two people or even a group of... Read More »

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If iam the power of attorney for my mother in law that is in the nursing home do i have the right to decide what happens to her older house for example decide who could live in it?

If you have a 10% blood alcohol content level, there'll be no need to charge you - you'll be dead. .08% is a DUI under federal law. States, however, are free to impose stricter laws than that, and... Read More »

What would i need for a podcast?

The easiest way to create an RSS feed is to use software. A podcast is simply an RSS feed that contains an audio file in the enclosure field. The software I would recommend is FeedForAll (there is ... Read More »

What should I name my podcast?

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