How to Decide What to Do With Clothes You Don't Wear?

Answer Tired of your old clothes? Are they just taking up space in your closet? Here are a few ideas to help you to get a little more use out of them:

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What would yo do if you had 3 bedwetting accidents and your aunt made you wear a baby's diaper to bed last night and said you were going to wear one again tonight I dont want to wear the diapers?

Obviously you're old enough to write about this, so I would strongly suggest you go to your aunt and ask to be taken to a doctor. This could be a medical problem you have no control over. Humiliati... Read More »

How to decide what clothes to get rid of?

i have the same problem. Here's what i do: 1. I decide where i will give them to: homeless shelter, goodwill, salvation army, cousins, siblings,etc. 2. Then i look through my clothes carefully pick... Read More »

Can an 11 year old wear thongs cuz i dont see anything wrong with it;?

Nah you dont need to wear thongs unless there comfortable to you.

Where can I buy faux gauge plugs Also what kind of clothes could i wear that will go with beanies?

I'm not sure about gauges but you can get fake tapers at Spencers. and skinny jeans and t shirts\v-necks go with beanies...a lot of stuff goes with beanies. Hope this helped:)