How to Decide What Version of Windows Vista You Need?

Answer This article will tell you how to choose what version of Vista you need.

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How to Upgrade To Windows Vista from an Older Version of Windows?

You cannot upgrade to Vista from 2000. It cannot be done. You must use the "Custom" option. This how-to will tell you how to do that.

How to Check Your Windows Search Version in Windows Vista?

Can't find your version number in Windows Vista? Here is how.

What is the difference between OEM Windows Vista and the retail version?

Beyond the typical consumer choices for Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system--retail, or box, version and preinstalled on a new computer--there is a less well-known option: OEM, which stands ... Read More »

Ubuntu Linux or Windows Vista Can't decide!?

Not to be rude but it looks like you don't have the computer knowledge to use Ubuntu. I would stick with vista. it would be more suitable for your needs.