How to Decide On Which GPS Unit to Buy?

Answer As we navigate our roads, and go to new places, we're more dependent than ever on map sources for information. Purchasing a GPS unit (also known as satnav) -- like TomTom or Magellan -- can be a gr... Read More »

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Can `t decide which one to buy can someone tell me which one is better?

That's a good question. The display capabilities go as high as 1080p but most broadcasts are 720p and less. Most of my cable is around 460 pixels, but the higher the capability the better your colo... Read More »

Is the owner of a condo unit responsible for water damages from a leak in his unit to a unit below?

Only if the owner above was negligent somehow. A pipe simply bursting suddenly and without warning would not trigger any liability of the unitowner. However, if the unitowner above was filling his... Read More »

Is the age at which a child can decide which parent they want to live with depend at all on if the parents live in different states?

Answer Minors are not allowed to choose with whom they wish to live in any US state.In some instances the presiding judge will speak with a minor child and may or may not take the results of the i... Read More »

How to Decide Which Perm Rod to Use?

Perming your hair gives it the body and curl texture you desire. There are many sizes of perm rods that are identified mostly by their colors. Depending on your hair length and what kind of curl yo... Read More »