How to Decide If Multivitamins Are Right for You?

Answer Not only restricted to multivitamins, dietary supplements are big business. The questions is not so much which vitamins are right, the question should be "Do you really need it?" In general, we hav... Read More »

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If iam the power of attorney for my mother in law that is in the nursing home do i have the right to decide what happens to her older house for example decide who could live in it?

If you have a 10% blood alcohol content level, there'll be no need to charge you - you'll be dead. .08% is a DUI under federal law. States, however, are free to impose stricter laws than that, and... Read More »

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Dog owners should be ready for all of the responsibilities and expenses they will face before they take a dog home.

How to Decide if a Pit Bull Is Right for You?

An example of a well cared for Pit Bull. Not quite a killing machine!Have you fallen - like many other people - for the brash smile and energetic personality of the Pittie? Or are you just interest... Read More »

How to Decide if Homeschooling Is Right for You?

Homeschooling your child can be a life-changing decision, for better or for worse. So, before you jump on the bandwagon of being a home-educator, you may want to take a look at all the pros and cons.