How to Decide Between a Charcoal or Gas Barbecue?

Answer Gas vs CharcoalA quick guide in helping you decide which is the one for you in the battle of Gas vs Charcoal.

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How to Barbecue with Less Charcoal?

If you barbecue frequently for short amounts of time, this article can help you cut down your charcoal use. It's easy!

How do i start a charcoal barbecue?

Lighting Charcoal for a BarbecueSelect the best way to start the fire based on local environmental conditions. Some cities have clean air regulations that restrict the use of liquid fire starters b... Read More »

How to Prepare a Charcoal Barbecue for Grilling?

This article will give you simple steps to ensuring your charcoal grilled steaks are evenly cooked as part of the preparation process.

What size barbecue grill is best for heating your home with charcoal in winter?

You would need one approximately the same size as the coffin they will bury you in when you die of carbon monoxide poisoning.