How to Decide Between Cutting Your Hair or Not?

Answer So, you've decided that you may want to get a hair-cut! But are you also worried about the outcome? Unsure if what you have in mind will actually suit you? This article should help you decide once ... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Cutting Hair with Scissors and Razor Cutting Hair?

Professional stylists use a variety of tools to create a cut. The most commonly used tools are shears (scissors) and straight razors. Each tool creates a different look and, for most cuts, one tool... Read More »

My grandaughter has pink bubble gum in her hair, how do you get it out with out cutting the hair?

First explain to your gran daughter ,what you are doing and why !separate the main strand of 'chewing gummed 'hair wrap a small bag of frozen peas around it hold it there, for at least 10 minutes ... Read More »

Hair Cutting Instructions for Frizzy Hair?

Cutting frizzy, curly hair works very differently from cutting straight hair. Traditional methods, such as cutting hair wet and creating a baseline to work from, will not work when snipping frizzy ... Read More »

Hair Cutting Techniques for Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is a problem for many women. It is a result of lack of moisture in the hair, and it can make hair very difficult to control. Many people find it unattractive and a pain to manage. Certa... Read More »