How to Deal with a Work Colleague Who Has Stinky Lunches?

Answer Stinky Shrimp quesadillaJust when you thought you had your colleague speaking less loudly over the phone, now he opens his stinky lunch that has you reeling in disgust. Is there a polite way to tel... Read More »

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If a work colleague told you to get your fat lazy a%*e off that computer and do some work, would you?

How to Criticize a Colleague's Work?

There will be times in a work environment where you may be forced to criticize a colleague's work. Learning to do this in a positive manner is necessary if you want to remain friends with that pers... Read More »

Would you continue to work with a Colleague with Aids/Hiv ..?

No,I wouldn't!I wouldn't risk to get infected,die and to leave my son an orphan because some people cannot "control" themselves!It's his problem only,not mine!Sounds selfish, well..yes!I have a fa... Read More »

How to Encourage a Work Colleague to Take Longer Lunch Breaks?

If you are in the situation of seeing a work colleague take 5 minute lunch breaks but still working a long day, it can be worrying from a management point of view and, depending on the reasons for ... Read More »