How to Deal with a Rude Friend Who is Taking Advantage of You?

Answer Have you ever had a friend that is treating you very unfairly? Do you do all of your friend's dirty work and your friend gives you zero respect in return? And, to make matters worse, your friend do... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Rude Friend?

A friend is being very rude and you get really mad. They won't stop bugging you. There is no one else to be friends with in the class. This may not be your best friend in the world.

Taking advantage of blu-ray?

I would stick with companies that have a history of excellent performance when choosing a surround receiver. The brands you mentioned aren't even in the top 20!Look at Yamaha, PioneerElite, Marantz... Read More »

How to Deal With a Rude, Mean, or Bad Gym Teacher?

Some gym teachers are nice while others aren't. For the teachers who are mean, read below.

How to Deal With Rude People?

People who are rude are often self-absorbed and don't care about anyone besides themselves.Many times in your life you will meet mean or rude people that you dislike, but you'll still have to prete... Read More »