How to Deal with a Little Brother Who Doesn't Listen to You?

Answer Are you stuck in a bad spot? Imagine your dad is a single parent raising 3 children, and you are stuck babysitting at the age of 14, your little brother, 10 who never listens to you. He yells at yo... Read More »

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When i listen 2 music with my earphones 1 earpiece doesnt always have there any way 2 fix this...?

Hi, it is always mostly the wire which leads to the headset which would have snapped. If you are using expensive headphones, then it is worth to check out the connections to the headset and have th... Read More »

How are you supposed to be a good sister to a little sister that doesnt listen?

Your little sister listens more then you think she does so be careful what you say never putt people down. Do some thing nice each day for some one maybe your little sister or your mom or any one.... Read More »

Help!! Parents how to deal with wild & unruly kid that doesn't listen to anything but threats?

What I've recently found to be helpful is a poke stick which has a tip that gives electric shocks(it's also good for zapping those kids that want you to donate money to their school just because th... Read More »

How to Deal With a Big Brother?

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