How to Deal with Suicidal Parents?

Answer Anyone with someone potentially suicidal in the family lives constantly on edge. Living with a parent who may be suicidal can make a son or daughter feel like he or she isn't doing enough to preven... Read More »

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How to Avoid Having Suicidal Thoughts if Your Parents Have Them?

Parents who have suicidal thoughts are hard to live with. It takes courage and will power to overcome the emotional trauma and anger you sometimes feel. Simple things can help reverse or make the s... Read More »

How to Deal With Parents?

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How to Deal With Divorced Parents?

Are your parents divorced? Do you ever blame yourself for it? Well here are some suggestions on how to deal with it. Its ok.. it's not your fault.

How to Deal With Annoying Parents?

For a majority of teenagers, their parents are annoying. So, how come the person who has supported and guided you through the better part of childhood suddenly turns annoying?This perception of par... Read More »