How to Deal with Someone Who Uses Black Tar Heroin?

Answer Black-tar heroin is a tar-like drug that users typically dissolve, dilute and inject to induce a four- to six-hour-long "high." Because it is cheaper and more plentiful than Colombian heroin, it is... Read More »

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Does the CIA deal in Heroin?

Why doe's cia's air America bring heroin to the u.s is it to fund black projects?

1953, Operation Ajax. Obama just apologized for this earlier this year. Some wonder why we have so much trouble with mid-eastern countries like Iran. There are no clean hands in any of this but we ... Read More »

How to Deal with Black Spot Leaf Disease?

This leaf disease attacks plants throughout the year but is most prevalent during dry months. If left untreated, black spot spreads rapidly and weakens plants severely. It is important to realize t... Read More »

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Amazon has some good deals on netbooks at around $250 which would be perfect for a kid. Walmart has some at around the same price but have older models. Amazon has the newer models for sale. Her... Read More »