How to Deal with Residential Water Damage?

Answer Water damage starts slowly, mostly unnoticed by homeowners. Some things are just too troublesome and cause a great deal of distress and discomfort to us. The causes of water damage range from negli... Read More »

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What is the average lifespan of a residential electric water heater with softened water?

The lifespan of an electric water heater in a residential home is 5 to 7 years. With softened water, the water heater is more likely to last closer to 7 years, as water quality affects the lifespan... Read More »

How to Deal With Corneal Damage at BostonSight.Org?

You might not have corneal damage, because you are able to read this, but if you have a friend or family member with corneal damage, you can change their life -- for the better! Read on...

How to Fix a Blackberry With Water Damage?

If you have a BlackBerry phone that's taken an unfortunate plunge into water or been left in the rain, there's a little-known trick that might bring it back to life. Dry rice is a remarkable absorb... Read More »

How to Buy a House With Water Damage?

When planning to buy a house with water damage, it is important for you to be able to determine the extremity of the damage before closing the deal; especially if the house is likely to experience ... Read More »