How to Deal with Being Tall As a Kid?

Answer Okay, so there are some kids who are quite short and get teased about it. But of course, there are really tall kids who feel weird and get teased as well. If you are one of those taller kids, don't... Read More »

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How do you deal with being called perverted names for being a redhead?

Find someone who actually appreciates a redhead. There are many many out there.If they are using that name that Lindsey Lohan got called don't worry people will forget about that soon enough.

How to Deal With Being Rejected by Society for Being Emo?

It ain't easy being emo. Some people make quick, negative judgments based on your clothing and personal expression. You might think it's not fair but they think it's a right judgment that they've r... Read More »

How to Deal With Being Criticized for Being Emo?

Many emo people are made fun of because people in this modern age refuse to accept people who are different than they are. They don't want to accept the fact that people can be different and still ... Read More »

How to Deal With Being Fat?

Do people often seem to make fun of you because you're fat? Don't worry, you are not alone. There are many people in America that are fat. Here are some to tips on how to deal with being fat.